The Douches should not be Lords….

At the 18th


I have a basic question:  

Why is our society so obsessed with horrible news stories? 

 and only pays two seconds of attention on heartwarming feel good stories? 

Case in point The Masters:  As you know – I didn’t have TV this weekend – it’s part of a no TV on the weekends (I directly blame Rachel Maddow) and the Masters was on.  I wanted to know who won – I went to Twitter.  Answered immediately. 

This morning I wanted to see some images of Phil Mickleson* winning – I went to google images – I found THREE.  THREE IMAGES.  Obviously there were a lot of Phil playing and at the Masters but only three of him winning and joining his wife. 

As a comparison I googled Tiger Woods and his mistresses – do I even need to tell you how many images I found of that situation? 

So here is Phil Mickelson – winning for the THIRD TIME at the Masters AFTER his WIFE AND MOTHER battled CANCER and I found three images.  Here is a man who took time off of golf so he can be closer to his family in their time of crisis.  Let me say that again – so he can be closer to his family… 

Why Tiger Woods Sucks…. 

But what are we as a society fixated on?  Tiger Woods – who personally I think is a douche lord.  He sucks.  He makes zero contribution to society except as a golfer.  Screw him.  He has 700 billion dollars – do something with it besides bang hookers and cocktail waitresses and then pay them off.  You’re  a douche Tiger – plain and simple. 

Your new Nike Ad with your dead father’s voice over asking you how you feel and why you did it with you looking all upset and devastated while wearing nike gear – it’s gross – just like you – your moral compass is so broke you use your dead father as a way to gain re-entry into society.  You suck.  I don’t give a fuck how good you golf.  You’re broken – go fix yourself and then maybe I’ll watch you golf.  Otherwise you are taking a classy, fancy sport and trashing it all up.  It’s gross. 

But I digress.  Why are there not seven gazillion photos of Phil hugging his wife and crying at the 18th out of sheer joy?  Why aren’t we obsessively talking about all this?  Here is a guy who is a stand up dude – with a wife who he has stuck by and he WON… 

Why Glenn Beck Blows…. 

Nope.  We can’t do it as a society.  We just can’t.  We have to stay on the negative and the scary and all the bad emotions.  Just like these stupid Tea Parties popping up all over the country that I think are very thinly veiled KKK rallies.  I feel like the Tea Parties are the new and improved KKK with a new brand and different outfits.  Like the KKK got a new PR team.  They scare the shit out of me.  Why would you purposefully organize groups to discuss all the negative things going on in an administration?  Why not get together and try to make change for the betterment of society as a whole?  WOW what a concept that would be.  But we can’t – we have to stay focused on the negative.  

Which is why Glenn Beck – who was a radio dj on KC101 here in CT which plays bubble pop music all day long on a loop – is making $35 million.  Almost twice as much as Taylor Swift and say what you want about her music – at least she is spreading a little happiness to tweens throughout the country and she hasn’t been involved in some drug scandal or made a sex tape.  She’s just plugging along in her career being gracious even when Kanye West steals her thunder at an awards show.  Oh yeah she wins awards but makes twice as less as a non-educated former Connecticut disc jockey who incites negativity and borderline violence.  (And if you didn’t go to college – good for you – it’s not for everyone – but I’m also not listening to you via FOX News as an expert on where the American Government stands either).  So Kudos for focusing on and paying out the negative guy. 

Why I don’t watch the News…. 

And that is why I don’t watch the news.  I don’t need to see the video at 11 of some old guy getting beat up in the ATM vestibule by gang members (and no I’m not making this up) 

I would like things to stay a little more positive.  Show some news stories that are upbeat, encouraging, spotlighting people who are being good humans. 

The douche lord obsession in the media…. 

Not obsessing about some douche who cheated on his wife who had cancer and fathered some child who he denied fathering until the DNA test came out or some douchebag who cheated on his wife who just won an academy award – something she spent her entire life moving towards and honing her craft to win and you steal it away by banging some Neo-Nazi tattoo model and she comes out with the story after getting paid ten grand or some douche mcgee who banged seven hundred and fifty cocktail waitresses while your wife was at home being a good mother to the children you BOTH have – here’s an idea – stop going to clubs and bars and banging women and go home to your wife and CHILDREN and be a good husband, father and citizen of the world. 

And don’t get me started on Tiki Barber leaving his wife of 11 years who is EIGHT months pregnant WITH TWINS for a 23 yr old intern who is on Facebook in Tiki Barber gear… 

I mean have we completely gone off the rails here people? 

How about we spend some time reflecting on the Phil Mickelson’s of the world for a split second.  Instead of giving all the credit and notoriety and publicity to the mistresses and the husbands who have cheated – why are they such big news stories?  WHY?  

Let’s spend some time as a society focusing in on the positive people – let’s give them notoriety and publicity. 

Let’s pay attention to the contributors and less to the consumers.   

Like  Mobolaji Akiode an American-Nigerian who graduated from Fordham and now moved back to Nigeria to start a basketball camp for only girls.  Girls whose lives and villages were ripped apart by civil war.  Giving hope to young females in a war torn country. 

Or how about the owner of Tom’s shoes who donates shoes quite regularly to third world countries – as a matter of fact you buy a pair of Tom’s they donate a pair in your honor – not as a gimmicky thing – not as a month long promotional thing – as the standard – the norm. 

Let’s start focusing on people like that – who contribute.  

Let’s pay attention to the contributors and less to the consumers.  

Let’s give props to the people making a difference.  See where it gets us for a little while.  

We did the whole negative/violence thing on the news – I think it’s time to change it up.  Don’t you think? 

*And if Phil Mickelson is accused of cheating and having a child outside his marriage and some woman steps forward with a baby – I quit.  And the entire society needs to be revamped and go on a cleanse, a detox diet and get itself to the gym to get itself in shape – immediately.


2 responses to “The Douches should not be Lords….

  1. Lisa – thank you for commenting. Yup still the same after all these years – just speaking my mind! It’s kind of fun I’m not gonna lie!
    Hopefully you will keep reading.

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