Why I heart Twitter


I want to know why everyone in the entire universe isn’t on Twitter.  I don’t get it.  I truly don’t.  And I just joined in December so I’m a late comer to the party.  But come on people.  Everyone should be tweeting.  Think about how nice the world would be if the entire planet was on Twitter.

My Twitter family is fabulous – they are writers, bakers, chefs, foodies, artists, Yankees fans, sports bloggers, librarians, lawyers, social media giants and famous people.  I mean HELLO @jackiejcollins tweeted me back a few times… YES people I have read every single one of her books cover to cover… (the last one “Poor Little Bitch Girl” was fabulous read it in one day)

People who aren’t on Twitter instantly criticize it.  It’s a weird reaction.  One of my friends said – I don’t really care what a bunch of celebrities are doing.  Ok he missed the point of Twitter.  I don’t really care what celebrities are doing either.  But let me tell you – my favorite celebrities – always tweet their business BEFORE any of the tabloids get a hold of it and I love that.

Sometimes I’m like – do we even need News anymore?  Just check Twitter.  Who won the Masters?  Check Twitter.  Did the volcano with the funny name erupt again?  Just check Twitter.  Is Heathrow airport open again?  Just check Twitter.  Did the Yankees win last night?  Just check Twitter. 


I wonder why people criticize Twitter as their first reaction or they say – I don’t get it.  Ok that to me is like – I don’t get conversation.  That is what Twitter is – an ongoing fun conversation that you can jump in and out of depending on your time constraints.  I can leave the Twitter timeline for hours come back and people are there – usually talking about something interesting or cracking me up with their wit and sarcasm or posting a link to a great article, book review or fabulous blog post.  I have laughed more times out loud at work while reading a tweet than I care to admit.

At one point I was home alone one night sitting on my couch tweeting back and forth about hairstyles and laughing out loud for a good ten minutes.

It’s like instant messaging for your soul.  The entire planet should get on Twitter and they should do it immediately.  The world would be a nicer place.  Trust me.

I mean starting up Twitter is rough – you feel like the last kid chosen for kickball in gym class.  You don’t have any followers, you don’t know who to follow and when you finally get up the courage to send out a tweet you get no response.  But then eventually you start building up followers and you find like minded people and it is builds upon itself and suddenly you are building real-time relationships with people.


The best is when you’re tweeting with someone and suddenly you realize this person is semi-famous or famous.  Twitter is the great equalizer.  Suddenly you realize someone who is famous has the same celeb crush as you do – how do you know?  She tweeted a pic of her and the guy and tweeted about it – I joined in the conversation and we both realized we were swooning over him.  It’s a wonderful equalizer.  Suddenly we are on the same page.  There are no publicists, or handlers – it’s just me and her doing a life-long ritual as females – swooning over a sexy man.


It’s nice to be on Twitter and support someone or jump in when someone is feeling weird or insecure or is trying not to eat a double cheeseburger after working out and you know she’s trying to lose weight.  It’s nice to be supportive. 

It’s absolutely wonderful to be on the receiving end of it as well.  I tweet – I’m having an off day and my Twitter peeps tweet back they are thinking of me or they are hoping things get better and suddenly I’m riding a wave of Twitter compassion and outpouring.  The first time that happened I teared up.  It was touching that so many people took one minute to send me well wishes.

It’s fun to be on Twitter and follow other people’s lives –  Did that author you follow finally get published?  What should someone wear on a TV program they are getting interviewed on?  How did someone do at that presentation at work they were presenting today?  Did you twitter friend finally scan the picture of herself in 1982 and tweet it to you?   

And the blogs… the blogs I have found through Twitter are absolutely funny, amazing, compassionate and wonderful.

I can write an entire blog post on the blogs I’ve found through Twitter…

But Twitter is amazing.  Just amazing. 

I heart you Twitter and I know you heart me right back…


2 responses to “Why I heart Twitter

  1. I love your explanation of Twitter. I’ve tried to explain it many times but I’ve never hit the nail like you have in this post.

    Now, whenever I run into a person who “doesn’t get it,” I’m going to refer them to this post.

    BTW, you made my Top 8 list of people to follow on Twitter this week…and that was before I read this post.

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