Maybe order the small fries….

I Got Your Health Care Reform Right Here….

Here we are in a debate about health care reform – the entire nation is discussing health care reform and nobody is discussing our vile eating habits or going after companies who offer such fattening foods on their menus.

Let me start by saying – America you need to put down those portions and get a hold of yourself.

The KFC Double Down – really?

The Dunkin Donuts Waffle Sandwich – this isn’t a good idea even on a bad day

The Never Ending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden – who in their right mind needs never ending pasta?

The Krispy Kreme Hamburger – it hits my gag reflex each and every time

The Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet – let me say that one again – The Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet… here’s an idea – get out of your car and WALK to get your fried fat inducing food – how about that for a  diet?

What is next?  A five pound bacon ball?

Bad food shoveled into your mouth will make you fat.

I mean seriously is this going to stop soon?  Or what?

Has America just gone completely senseless or what?  Have we just gone off the reservation?

When are we going to learn?  Bad food shoveled into your mouth will make you fat.

Yes it will.

I promise you it will.  Trust me – I’m not a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model believe me – I eat – but at some point we are going to have to start looking at these restaurants that offer these items and hold them accountable.

Eat A Piece of Fruit – A Vegetable Perhaps?

Because you’re not losing weight eating a KFC Double Down that’s for sure…

But let’s all just pause.  Take a breath.  Look around.  And eat a piece of fruit.

I mean seriously people.

And don’t get me wrong I’ve been known to stuff an entire meatball sub with extra cheese down my pie hole at my desk at work without even blinking an eye.  Oh I can eat.  I’m not judging I’m just saying.

At some point we have to stop with the super size, extra large, mammoth portioning and start going back to old school portion control.  You don’t need a super sized anything when it comes to food – let’s be honest.  (Even though at my birthday last year in the new Yankee Stadium I did eat a GIANT helmet full of ice cream.  I’m the first to confess – I can’t pass up helmet food.  How can you?  Everything should be served in a helmet as far as I’m concerned.  But then there is that awkward moment of finishing and you’re like – do I throw this away or what?  If I keep it what will I use it for?  Then I envision myself sitting around my living room eating a helmet full of ice cream – alone watching TV and I freak out and throw it out and I instantly regret it.  Never fails.)

I mean come on though.  Honestly folks.  Can we get this eating thing under control once and for all? 

Maybe Order The Small Fries?

It completely freaks me out that KFC is doing this whole pink bucket for breast cancer thing.  Here’s an idea KFC – stop pumping your chickens full of antibiotics and hormones and let’s just see if breast cancer lessens by a small percentage.  How about trying that?  Instead of these stupid pink buckets of fried chicken – and what is the American Heart Association think about this campaign?  I mean really?

Have we all gone off course?  Shouldn’t every day be race day?

I almost gagged this past Fall when I was at the Big E – yes I was there seeing @bretmichaels perform – how could I not?  Every Rose Has Its Thorn people – every single one.

(On a side note I’m spending an unhealthy amount of time thinking about him and hoping he gets better – he’s wonderful – I love everything about that man – his cheeziness, his bandanna’s, his eye make-up, his Rock of Love show, Big John, his tour bus, his nut hugging jeans – he is THE best as far as I’m concerned – please – and his show – he gives it his all – he is excited you are there and he’s excited to be performing – love that man)

I just think our portions have gotten out of control in the worst possible way – we are all off the rails if we think a KFC Double Down is an ok thing to offer and eat.

Can we all just re-think this for one second?  Maybe order the small fries instead and pass completely on the KFC Double Down?

I’m just sayin….



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