All The Single Ladies….

Why the Single Ladies will rule the world….

What?  You didn’t really seriously think I wasn’t going to rant about Elena Kagan being nominated to the Supreme Court and what led up to the Supreme Court Hearings happen right now?

I LOVE the pre-stories on every sporting event known to man how could I NOT get into what happens prior to the Supreme Court Hearings… COME ON…

But I take special interest in this particular rodeo show because like Elena Kagan I too am unmarried.  Not single mind you – unmarried…

I’m not sure when the cut off happens from single to unmarried but I’m fairly certain the same math equation is used to determine when you become a cougar.  But at 38 years old I may have hit the unmarried mark.

It sounds so dreaded written in print for the world to see.  I don’t think of myself as unmarried.  Unmarried conjurs up a Susan Boyle type woman in sensible shoes and a possible pant suit of a polyester/acrylic blend.  Thankfully I own neither.  I do own a TON of clothes and only about 1/10th of my shoes are sensible and honestly that’s stretching it a bit.  Unmarried makes you think about some poor lonely dusty aunty whom you invite to gatherings just cause you have to.  Dear Lord.  That is SO NOT ME and I’m pretty positive with that brain and her charisma I’m sure that’s not Elena either.

We are a culture obsessed with coupling up.  Ob-sessed.   But with the divorce rate at 50% percent for first marriages, 67% for second and 74% for third marriages – I’m not so sure it’s such a hot idea, no judgement – to each their own. 

I could go on and on and on this subject – but Maureen Dowd says it best here…

You should read it.  It’s worth it.

I don’t even want to bring up the softball pic of Elena

And the entire nation discussing whether she was gay or not because of some stupid picture of her playing softball with her work collegues.

Thank goodness I’m not up for the Supreme Court nomination cause with those Kickball pics of me on facebook wearing those god awful uniforms (yes Brian Smith they are ugly – ugly colors, ugly logo, ugly fabric) that someone posted of me playing with my co-workers – then that’s proof positive I’m gayer than gay.  I mean COME ON… really?  And I’m not even going to give a disclaimer saying – well there’s nothing wrong with being gay – cause that just feeds into the whole notion that being gay is wrong.  It’s not. 

But come on America.  Really?  Someone’s marital status is up for debate?  It’s an actual topic of conversation?  It is isn’t it?  Especially being a woman.  We are all fascinated that a woman would nurture her very own career rather than nurturing and growing a family.  Men do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  When a woman does it – it’s topic for discussion.  I say – go nurture that career Elena.  You done good. 

And look where you are now?  Sitting as the next Supreme Court Justice – unless you (Senator Larry Craig) get caught up in some intern scandal where you are using your foot under a bathroom stall to signal sex or you are actually sleeping with your interns or you were actually having an affair with your assistant while you (Newt Gingrich) were putting the President of the United States of America on trial for impeachment for getting oral sex under his desk and it wasn’t from his wife or you (Senator Edwards)were having children out of wedlock while your partner battled cancer. 

If you can escape ALL of that nonsense – then I say – good luck Elena Kagan!!  You are quite all right in my book.  You nurture that career.  You shoot for the stars – let “them” call you unmarried.  You’re not unmarried to me – you’re a hot shit single chick going for it and I say more power to you!! 

Us Single Ladies have to stick together and put our hands up…


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