The burning truth…

So there will be no Quran burning after all…

On Sept 11 from 6pm – 9pm a Florida Pastor threatened to systematically burn over 200 Quran’s.  Whenever I think of people burning books – religious or otherwise I think of the scene in Footloose (why they’ve never re-made that movie is beyond me) and then I think about Ray Bradbury’s Farhenheit 451.  That book really bothered me – those flame throwers going into people’s homes and just torching book upon book upon book.  Can you imagine?  I can’t. 

Without cable television (yes I am still holding strong) I have been doing nothing but reading and I have to say – it’s really great.  I can’t imagine Ray Bradbury’s characters coming in an torching all my books.  I’ve been going out more too… seeing and conversing with actual people.  It’s a novelty!  But I digress – let’s get back to the wacko in Florida.

Besides putting our troops in jeopardy – I’m not even remotely for war – but I am for our troops. How those men and women choose to serve our country is beyond my comprehension – they are brave and self-sacrificing.  I had a friend from high school who served in the Gulf War – I used to send him care packages – with tube socks, deodorant, underwear and really epic mix tapes.  Every time I packed one of those boxes I was astounded that I was sending basic care items to someone who was fighting a war.  It confused me – the Government couldn’t supply these things?  It still bothers me.  But he was fighting and I was supporting.  I still support our troops and I think about them more than I care to openly admit.

I sat next to a Marine at a Yankee game in August.  He was blonde and tanned and buff and just adorable, he served in Afganistan and was going to be released in mid-September where he was going back to Louisiana with his wife and new baby.  What struck him was that the baseball players were being paid millions and millions of dollars to play a game and he was sitting there with schrapnel in the side of his body – I saw the scars for serving his country  – and he got paid $2000/month.

Like what?  

So let’s do EVERYTHING in our power to support the men and women serving our country.  It’s simple.  None of us our pro-war.  I can’t accept that someone would actually be excited about destroying someone else’s built environment and killing people.  And if someone is home and feels that way – they should sign up and go shoot some stuff or just shut their pie hole.  As far as I’m concerned if you haven’t served in a war, you aren’t signing up for a war or you don’t want to be in the military then ZIP YOUR LIP about stuff that has to do with war.

It seems like this Pastor has decided to take it upon himself to burn a religious book on the front lawn of his house of worship.  Does this conjure up any other images – something burning on the front lawn of someone’s house ?

Are we going there again as a Nation?  I hope not.

I think this Pastor needs to go back to 6th Grade American History and he will learn that our country was built upon religious freedom – if he’s confused he can read the Declaration of Independence OR our Constitution (which does not once mention the word God) and our Declaration mentions the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them  and also We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator  – giving the person reading it the chance to insert THEIR VERY OWN creator or divine being into that sentence.  It wasn’t meant to have one Creator or represent GOD – the Christian God – as in In God We Trust – which was put on our money back in the Civil War and the adopted as a national slogan as a joint resolution of Congress in July of 1956 – incidentally right around the same time Brown vs. Education was happening, there was a resurgence in the KKK and racial tensions were running high.  So here we are again – a time of racial tensions, tea party rallies and people rallying together under the auspicious of One Nation Under God.

Let’s go back to the original documents.  Let’s all be patriotic and read those two documents and start from there.

I’ve been reading both documents on my lunch hour because one of my friends got me into watching West Wing – yup I’m ½ way through Season One… it’s good.  Real Good.  But it peaked my interest in our Constitution and how this country runs and how it was founded. 

It was founded based upon our desire as a people for – wait for it – wait for it….


Our country as a whole has some dark moments.  But we started as trying to get away from religious persecution. 

HEEELLLLLOOOOOOO religious persecution.  This Pastor was planning on burning religious books.

Does anyone see the problem with that sentence?  It’s a PASTOR …. A Christian man… aren’t Christians supposed to be about forgiveness, loving thy neighbor?  Don’t they have the 10 Commandments – this guy should probably go check those out prior to burning some books on his front lawn.

THEN he says – I won’t do it if the “mosque” is moved away from Ground Zero.  I can’t think of anyone more in the dark than this guy.

I have an idea – put down the Bible you are obviously NOT reading and pick up a newspaper and read about the plan for this COMMUNITY CENTER where there will be a place for Christians, Jews and MUSLIMS to worship.  The name of the place is called the Cordoba Center because back in the day in Spain that is where Christians, Muslims and Jews all lived together harmoniously… what a concept.

Hey Pastor Guy – I won’t even mention you by name cause you are a publicity whore of the worst kind – educate yourself BEFORE you put yourself in the national spotlight AND put our troops in jeopardy.  Cause if you burn the Quran then Obama is right for once – it will be a bonanza for religious sects to lose their minds and lash out…

Is this where we are going in this country?  Are we actually going here?  I mean seriously people.  Come on – pull it together already.

How do people like this gain a national spotlight – he’s ignorant.  I guess it’s why a Connecticut DJ WHO DID NOT EVEN GO TO COLLEGE has a rally on hallowed ground on the anniversary of a sacred speech in our nation’s history… that’s right I called it hallowed ground… as far as I’m concerned it is…

The media should just take a vacation for a while and stop giving d-bags like this guy air time.  I will not be surprised when this Pastor guy re-marries Speidi which will be televised by TMZ


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