Growing the fro…

Growing the fro….

In going back and forth with my father about the Tea Parties and our civil rights and the “mosque” at Ground Zero and the burning of the Quran, it’s an ongoing discussion that has been going on for weeks.

My father replied via email:  “didn’t we fight this fight?  Do I have to grow my fro and hit the streets again?”

I responded – I highly endorse the growing of the fro… I’m a huge fan.

My father can grow a mean fro – which he did in the late sixties early seventies

But he has a point.  Didn’t we fight this fight already?  Are we doomed to repeat history?

I feel like the political climate in our country has finally lost their mind and we are really out of our gourds.

We have Tea Party Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell denouncing masturbation and gays and using religion as a political ploy such as Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are masters at.  When religion became a basis for a political party is sort of lost on me.   Politics and religions shouldn’t mix.  Period end of story.  And if they want to mix then religious organizations should stop being able to be tax exempt entities.

We have Proposition 8 overturned – I can’t even comprehend that on any level.  If you’re gay – why can’t you get married again?  I’m confused.  DO NOT BRING RELIGION into this – if you do – see the paragraph above.  So now why can’t gays get married?  Why can’t gays have the same rights as us?  Someone answer that.  I’m fairly certain the same person who can answer that can answer the question – and why couldn’t black people drink from the same water fountains as us?  I still want an answer on that one.  I’m waiting.

We have 15 yr old Billie Lucas – an Indiana teenage committing suicide because of anti-gay bullying at school, where students actually taunted him and told him to kill himself.  Where these bullies parents or administrators were is beyond me.  Just beyond me.  That level of bullying happens at school and NOT ONE administrator took notice of this kid?  NOT ONE?  Not one teacher, janitor, principal, secretary or bus driver noticed a change in Billie’s behavior?  NOBODY?

We have a freshman at Rutgers jumping from the George Washington Bridge cause his roommate secretly videotaped him and then put it on the web live – what was he doing?  making out or having sex with a boy… BIG DEAL – he’s gay… maybe we shouldn’t focus on the gay situation but let’s focus on the people who are obsessed with it and do weird things like videotape it – nobody is looking at those people? 

We have the Texas State Board of Education voting the fix of ‘pro-Islamic’ textbook bias.  How about not focusing on Muslims and Christians and teach our children the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.  Maybe the Texas State Board of Ed should focus on this interesting nugget:  “U.S. textbooks treat topics with a “mile-wide, inch-deep” approach, Schmidt said. A typical U.S. eighth-grade math textbook deals with about 35 topics. By comparison, a Japanese or German math textbook for that age would have only five or six topics.”

How about them apples Texas?

In some studies it shows children in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES as having higher test scores – especially in reading comprehension than the average AMERICAN elementary school student. 

But you know what?  Let’s focus on the pro-Islamic text in a textbook.  That seems like a really great focus the Texas State Board of Education has.  They are right on the money with that one! 

We have a repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Act – worst idea in the history of ideas.  I’m with Lady Gaga on this one –   she said:  “Doesn’t it seem to you we should send home the prejudice? The straight soldier who hates the gay soldier, whose performance is affected because he is homophobic? He holds and harbors hate and he gets to stay and fight for our country. We gay soldiers, who harbor no hate, no phobia, are sent home …”

Shouldn’t we send home the prejudice?  That seems to be a novel idea.  SEND HOME THE PREJUDICE.

When did it become the norm for prejudice to run rampant in this country – not only run rampant but to gain a national spotlight?

I guess it’s the same reason the douche lords rule the media headlines:  Tiger Woods, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin the pastor in Florida who wanted to burn the Quran (WHO GOT HIS PASTOR TRAINING IN PRISON – yes  you  heard me – PRISON) and the people who make a difference are relegated to the back page or no page at all.

I like Jon Stewart’s idea:  The Restore Sanity Rally being held in Washington on Oct. 30th (Even if Steven Colbert is hosting The Keep Fear Alive Rally on the same day – he tells participants to pack six pairs of underwear…)

It’s true Jon Stewart – let’s restore the sanity of America.  We need to.  It’s about time.  If that means my father has to grow back his fro – then George Alonzo – get on it!!

(my father couldn’t find the pic he has of him sporting his fro! it’s unfortunate because it’s a great pic!)


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