Check out the Fro… photographic evidence is in the house…

Well, well, well, lookie here what showed up (from an anonymous source.  And I cannot reveal my sources.)

But check out that fro…

See I told you all that he had a fro – and this one is tame compared to other pics I have seen from this era.  I highly endorse him growing it and taking to the streets.

It’s something.  The entire picture is something  – where do I begin?  With the awesome orange and brown shag carpeting?  But maybe that’s not the best place to start – the best place seems to be the plaid pants that everyone is wearing.  What?  Was there a special at Caldor’s?  Yup I pulled out Caldor’s as a reference.

Take note I’m not in plaid pants – I’m in a homemade red dress that had great smocking.  I loved that dress.  I was probably put into plaid pants and FREAKED THE EFF OUT and my mother caved and put me in the dress.  I mean come on – those plaid pants are scary.

I’m incredibly horrified that my family had such scary fashion sense.  I wish I was born first because I would have taken charge of the entire attire for any family photos.  I would have been really good at it.

Just ask my brother Craig – his daughter Autumn is an adorable peanut – and I know she’s my niece but seriously she’s adorable.  I have ZERO and I mean ZERO experience with kids.  My other niece and nephew were living far away when they were young.  And no I didn’t babysit.  Well I did once and the operative word there was ONCE.  I lasted about 2 hours and I caved like a house of cards and called my mother for back-up.  Those little kids would NOT stop crying.  In my defense they were babies and TWINS.  I have no clue what I was thinking.  Actually I have no clue what the parents were thinking.

So Autumn and I are having fun together.  She seriously makes me laugh.  She loves to have her finger and her toenails painted – she likes to get dressed up and she just recently scored a bunch of hand me down Barbies from my brother’s friend! It’s like I died and went to heaven.  I grew up with a sister who was eight years older so I was stuck with two brothers – as I can start a fire, camp for days, hike, love watching sports, could change my oil if I REALLY thought about it, can work with most power tools and can hang with guys like the best of them – they still didn’t like clothes, nail polish, shopping or choosing outfits. 

Now I have Autumn – it’s like having a live Barbie Doll.  It’s the best.  I love choosing her outfits.  I’ve gone shopping for her because obviously she needed a little denim skirt with leggings like I own.

It’s no secret I love clothes.  There have been a few phases of my clothing obsession – I themed dressed.  It was shark week and they were playing JAWS the original on a loop on TNT – I was dressing like the police chief’s wife and I nailed it – how do I know I nailed it?  The UPS driver said to me – you look like the police chief’s wife from JAWS.

Then there was the time I themed dress as Jacques Rogges lunch date – we were lunching in Capri – I was working in Bridgeport, CT at the time but let’s not get too much into the nitty gritty of it all.   Who is Jacques Rogges?  Only the Chairman of the IOC.  What is the IOC?  The International Olympic Committee.  And I knew I nailed those outfits when my father, who I worked with at the time, said – you look like someone – what are you doing?  I said – well since I’m having lunch in Capri with Jacques Rogges I need the appropriate outfit.  Why my father didn’t commit me at that moment is beyond me.  But I was impressed he noticed.  This is from a man who didn’t even notice when I quit.  I was 20 and living and working with my father.  At work he was so absorbed in his work I would go for 8-9 hours without talking to anyone.  It sucked.  I obviously like to talk.  I finally got fed up and in dramatic fashion quit.  He got home and at dinner he said – where did you go this afternoon?  Did you have a Doctor’s appointment?  So if HE noticed my lunching outfits – I’m pretty sure I nailed those outfits too.  That only lasted a few weeks before I got tired of dressing everyday like I was lunching in Capri.  It’s a harder look to pull off then you think.

I also went through a phase of NEVER repeating the same outfit twice.  N-E-V-E-R.  I’m like an outfit savant.  I can remember not only where I purchased the item of clothing and how much it cost but when I wore it and with what.  It’s an illness – I realize this.  But it didn’t stop me from never repeating the same outfit twice.

Then there was the wear something pink every single day.  That one lasted the longest – two years.  To the point that the crew of construction workers I was working on a job with actually all chipped in and bought me a pink hard hat.  That was my best fashion accessory. 

So as you can see – clothes are important to me.  It’s shallow and I could probably spend my time doing other things – yes I agree.  But I do like it and it does make me happy.

I really wanted to be born first so I could have dressed my entire family appropriately for family photos, holidays and parties.  I have two talents, one – I can make anyone and I seriously mean anyone – look great in a photo.  I may have to take 562 pictures but you’ll get one that makes you look like a supermodel.  And two – being able to dress people for varying events.  I just know what looks good on people. I would have dressed my entire family if I was born first.   Being born last – as it gave me the title of most spoiled person on the planet – did and still does have its benefits – but still I would have been good as the first born.

 Mainly because in this photo – nobody would have been wearing plaid pants.  I don’t care how fashionable it was circa 1974.


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