I don’t have cable…. I care

can’t possibly keep my mouth shut about all that is happening in the news and this entire issue of gay marriage. It’s literally OUT OF HAND.

I keep writing and talking and thinking about how this country of ours was founded. It was the separation of church and state. I don’t make this stuff up. Look in your 10th grade history book – it’s there. Better yet, google it. You’ll see I’m not lying. There is such a separation of church and state that churches or religious organizations do not have to pay taxes. DO.NOT.HAVE.TO.PAY.TAXES. That’s how separate they truly are.

We are a great nation that was founded on this one belief. Way back when we crossed a body of water. Docked on a foreign land. Set up shop. (and when I say set up shop I mean raped and pillaged and basically destroyed an entire race of people) Because we were being oppressed in England and we were not allowed to practice our religion. The Catholics said no. We came over here to have religious freedom and to have a distinction between Church and State.

Now here we are in 2012 and it’s like it is 1958. Women’s issues are being brought to the forefront of political campaigns and people are being denied their civil rights.

It’s true. My father is going to have to grow his fro back and take to the streets cause we are all going backwards. We are on the express train to 1955.

I still want an answer why Ella Fitzgerald had to use the back entrance to every club she performed in and couldn’t drink from the same water fountain as white people. That still baffles me. I’m not kidding either. Doesn’t make sense to me. Not even a little. Not even on one of my crazy days. One of the greatest female singers EVER and she couldn’t walk through the front door.

It baffles me just as much as our Federal Government and each State (uhhmmmm North Carolina) denying gays the right to get married.

Insert crazy Evangelical here. Insert the Bible here. Insert every right wing crazy here. Insert Glen Beck here. Insert Bill O’Reilly here. Insert Mitt Romney here (and if we are talking religion that guy believes in a religion that has a founding belief that a 10 yr old boy heard God by an apple tree and he is their prophet – and no I’m not kidding or trying to slander Mitt Romney cause I think he’s a jerk off – it’s true – google it)

I don’t want to hear about the Bible and how “Obama is leading an attack on traditional marriage” which is a quote from Rush Limbaugh. He’s such easy picking it’s sort of silly at this point. Rush Limbaugh who has been married FOUR effing times. Who is leading the attack on traditional marriage? I’m confused. The man who has married one woman and has been married to the same woman for a number of years and is raising two lovely daughters or the guy who has been married four times and has been in and out of rehab (ok cheap shot about rehab it is a disease – I agree but sometimes it needs to be said)

Or how about Newt Gingrich – don’t get me started on this clown. He started impeachment hearings on Clinton while sleeping with his assistant. He was married at the time. He has a daughter who is gay and HE IS AGAINST gay marriage. That to me is baffling. So he sits down at the dinner table and looks at his daughter and says – yeah I don’t think you can marry the woman you’ve been with for the past ten years cause it’s just not right. The Bible says so. The Bible also had dudes in it with ten wives. Women had to go into a tent to menstruate and animals were commonly sacrificed – but hey – it’s 2012 we should absolutely follow that protocol.

Seriously people, are we all just asleep at the switch?

Is it ok for the nation to be having these dialogues?

Is it ok that our nation has turned Jesus and God into these right wing conservative nuts – cause last time I checked Jesus was a pretty Liberal Jew. He fed the poor. He befriended prostitutes. He helped leapers. He made it happen. He didn’t judge (I’m fairly certain he leaves that part up to his Father: God) He didn’t point fingers. He didn’t question. He fed the masses. He didn’t shave for crying out loud, was a carpenter and he wore sandals (and quite possibly a mu-mu) I’m just saying he was ok with it all. He was all encompassing. Leapers. Prostitutes. The poor. The hungry. The confused. Liars, cheaters, beggars. Jesus. Did. Not. Care.

And don’t get me started on God. How people are perceiving God to be slightly obsessed with Gay Marriage. I’m fairly certain he would endorse two loving individuals wanting to honor the sanctity of marriage and raise healthy children as best as they can. LIKE. EVERYONE. ELSE. Plus I’m pretty sure he’s trying to solve the crisis in Sudan right now or the poverty in India or the water shortage in Third World countries or the situation in Haiti. I’m just bringing to light that quite possibly God could have other things on his mind – other than two loving individuals wanting to get married.

A convicted murderer in PRISON can get married but someone who is Gay is denied the privilege. Honestly you have to be kidding.

At one point interracial marriage was illegal. A black person and a white person marrying was illegal.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

And here we are. All asleep at the switch. More concerned with who the Bachelor chooses for his bride (don’t get me started on that show) then we are with people being denied their civil rights. We are all more interested in who won American Idol than we are with people in loving relationships who are being denied a right. We are all reading Facebook and now every detail of everyone’s mundane life. YET we are all ok with a group of individuals denied a right. We are all wound up over gas prices than we are over an entire group of people being denied their rights. You go home and fight with your SPOUSE about how much money you pay at the pump and Gay people go home and complain with their “domestic partner”.

I don’t have cable. I have no clue who the Bachelor or Bachelorette even is. I have no idea when American Idol is even on and I haven’t even seen the X Factor. Except I’ll openly admit to completely knowing everyone’s business on facebook and really being obsessed with US Weekly. Not proud. Just truthful. And I’ve never been married. Couldn’t imagine myself married. But that doesn’t mean since I have the right I only want a certain group of people to have that right. If people took that stand in the 1920’s I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be writing this blog and I wouldn’t care who was running for president cause I couldn’t VOTE.

I’m concerned. I’m super concerned. I feel like – yes Dad – grow your fro back and take to the streets. Make people see like you did on that basketball court in 1958 that it doesn’t matter. You took a sip out of that water jug with those black kids and they went home to their moms and said – I think George is black he has our hair and he drank from the same water jug as us and their mom’s replied – no he’s not black he’s just a dumb white kid who doesn’t know any better. (as a side note he is kinda growing his fro back but it’s turning into more of a high top fade than anything)

But he did know better. He just didn’t care. Those kids were his friends. His teammates. His neighbors. It didn’t make sense to him to NOT drink out of that water jug. It was hot. He was thirsty and he was with friends.

And that’s the mentality we have to start having. This isn’t right. People are being denied a right that other people have. If one set of people has a right then EVERYONE gets that right. It’s what our country was founded on.

We’ve lost sight of that. In a profound way. In an extremely profound, let’s have a discussion about women’s birth control and let’s not have gay people marry kind of way. It’s unsettling.

That’s deep. I say put down your remote. Walk away from the Facebook son. Turn off that iPhone. Put away that iPad. And take to the streets.

We have to. Stop hiding behind religion. Realize that you are smarter than that. Pretend you paid attention in 10th Grade History. Honor the separation between Church and State and take to the streets. If you have the right to marry then everyone should have the right to get married.

I don’t have cable. I’ve put down the remote and I’ve tuned into the rhetoric being thrown around and it scares me. It scares me as a woman and it scares me as an American. It can’t continue.

No matter what. Certain people have a right. All people need to have that same right. It’s only right.


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